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We are getting ready to wrap up with Part 3 of a 3 part interview with Vic Clinco and Sweet Life Sauce Company...and I'll let you know I've learned much. Its not just about this really cool Hot Sauce Collection, but about the Fiery Foods industry as a whole.

I'm feeling more and more privileged to be a part of this new industry for Sweet Life Sauce Company and my family every day.

We continue and finish our interview with Vic "I carry bullets filled with Hot Sauce on my key chain" Clinco...Hot Sauce Collector Extraordinaire.

Sweet Life Sauce Company: Vic, you have really given us some great ideas for some food pairings...it makes me wonder one thing. Do you put Hot Sauce on everything you eat?

Vic Clinco: EVERYTHING!! I always have a selection on my person with a set of bullet canisters I keep on my key chain. I have three of them and keep a supply of Jolokia dust in one of them so I can always add some heat to whatever I'm eating...wherever I'm eating.

Sweet Life Sauce Company: (Jaw drop sound in background...did he just say bullets on his key chain again?) So you have like bullets on your key chain...???

Vic Clinco: Yep...I have three of them. Right here in front of me...I'm looking at them right now. They have these little screw thingys on them (poetic license taken here) and you can put stuff inside them. I always have some Jolokia Pepper Dust in one these days...just sprinkle it on anything when I need it. I have another with usually a Blairs product in it...and I'll mix it up on the third depending on how I'm feeling. They work great...

Sweet Life Sauce Company: Everything?


Sweet Life Sauce Company: Wow...that is pretty cool. Now that I understand this passion much more deeply now, let's go with an easy question. What's the oldest bottle of Hot Sauce in your collection?

Vic Clinco: That would be a bottle of Ass Kickin' Hot Sauce. It's in an original bottle with their original label. It's either their first product, the Original or their Roasted Garlic. It may even be signed if I remember. That would be the one.

Sweet Life Sauce Company: I've had a chance to see a picture of your Hot Sauce Collection when you resided in Orlando. Its over the Hot Sauce Bar at Tijuana Flats off 436. Impressive even from years ago and this leads me to my next question. Knowing you're a Florida native that has found himself in Arizona, I hear you may have even made a wrong turn in Albuquerque, just what does moving a Hot Sauce collection from Florida to Arizona involve...how did you do it?

Vic Clinco: We moved over 2,000 bottles from our home in Florida to Arizona. I personally individually wrapped each and every bottle in bubble wrap and gently placed them in sturdy boxes and packed them with peanuts.

Sweet Life Sauce Company: Wo...so every bottle had a chance to get some loving care from you as it was packed up...didn't leave that for the movers did you?

Vic Clinco: Noooo...not the Hot Sauce Collection. Let em' move the china and the antiques...but not the Hot Sauce Collection. My biggest dose of anxiety came the day we moved and one of the associates helping us picked up one of the boxes...its as if he slapped my baby and tried to make out with my wife. That was a No-No.

I knew I would have to take it all from there...NO ONE was going to touch my Hot Sauce Collection. I pretty much had the movers leave the Hot Sauce boxes alone and I moved them one by one into the truck. Then we positioned mattress in the front of the box pile, closed them in with another mattress, and wrapped them up tight. I'd say they had a nice and cozy nest to travel in.

Sweet Life Sauce Company: Burning question...how many did you break?

Vic Clinco: Made it all the way to Arizona without one bottle being broken. Took hours but it was worth it.

Sweet Life Sauce Company: So we're getting ready to wrap this interview up...question I've had all along in the back of my head...have you ever been in a situation where you had to decide between the Hot Sauce Collection or "insert thing more important than Hot Sauce collection here?"

Vic Clinco: (no pause) NEVER!

Vic...our sincere thanks from Sweet Life Sauce Company for sharing your knowledge and connections with a rookie in this incredible industry. Your passion for all things spicy shows and the manner in which you are willing to share your knowledge and willingness to "pay it forward" is inspiring and we will be sure to do the same given the opportunity.

We are hopeful at Sweet Life Sauce Company to make your list of favorites in the near future...your order should be at your door...BooDreaux's Cajun Rocket Fuel and Screamin' Peaches Hot Sauce are incredibly "Bullets on your Key chain" friendly.

All is well in the land!

Rob Willets
Owner and Founder
Sweet Life Sauce Company
Small batch BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces, and Grilling Rubs

Sweet Life Sauce Company

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